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Invest, tax and restore spending cuts: Challenging the deflationary orthodoxy

Michael Taft 23/09/2010

Michael Taft: Previous posts by Paul Sweeney and Sinéad Pentony refer to articles from two newspapers which occupy different ideological zones. Yet …

The bearable lightness of taxation

Michael Taft 16/09/2010

Michael Taft: In the run-up to the budget we will hear a lot about the ‘dangers of high taxation’. This will be used to justify a programme of …

Community Platform proposals on taxation


Tom O'Connor spoke at yesterday's launch of the Community Platform's proposals for progressive tax reform, 4 Steps 2 Recovery. Below is his response …

Seven Principles for Progressive Income Tax

Nat O'Connor 10/09/2010

Nat O'Connor: On an earlier post about indirect tax, I was asked to sketch out some principles about income tax. Specifically, the questions were …

IFSC shadow of its intended self


In an opinion piece for the Irish Times today, Jim Stewart concludes that "In the short term, changes in tax regimes raise issues for economies …

Were we reckless spenders?

Tom McDonnell 20/08/2010

Tom McDonnell: Tuesday’s €1.5 billion bond auction by the National Treasury Management Agency ensures that Ireland will successfully get through …

US Lessons on the Failure of Pension Tax Arrangements

Sinéad Pentony 12/08/2010

Sinéad Pentony: Last week, Professor Teresa Ghilarducci's spoke at a pensions seminar co-hosted by TASC, TCD Pension Policy Research Group and the …

VAT paid by people on low incomes

Nat O'Connor 12/08/2010

Nat O'Connor: This is a follow up to comments on the Corporation Tax post about VAT. As was pointed out to me, although the main VAT rate is 21%, …

Higher Corporation Tax?


An article in the Irish Times discusses the possibility of higher corporation tax. Quite a number of comments below the article too.

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Vic Duggan is an independent consultant, economist and public policy specialist catering …

Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a …

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