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“The Most Important Election Since 1989”

Maria (Marysia) Pachowicz 06/11/2023

On the 15th of October 2023, a record-breaking number of Polish citizens both in Poland and abroad took to polling stations to cast their vote in what would turn out to be a pivotal general election. At 74.4%, the election saw the highest turnout ever recorded. Outside of Poland, approximately 608,000 people registered to vote across 417 polling …

Getting the Future Back

Gerry Mitchell 17/10/2023

Source: @Vuelio   The narrow constraints that the Labour party has set itself were present at every fringe event at this year’s conference and …

What Is The Point? The Difference The Left Can Make

Stella Creasy 16/10/2023

In his essay Ireland, Island of Saints and Sages James Joyce quotes Oscar Wilde saying ‘We Irishmen have done nothing, but we are the greatest …

Major Issues where Mainstream Economists Failed - Part 1

Paul Sweeney 04/07/2023

In the last blog, I examined the President of Ireland's speech critical of the lack of heterodoxy (or differences) in Irish economics. I argued that …

Energy poverty, environmental degradation, lack of affordable housing and the rise of the far right

Shana Cohen 09/05/2023

This article was first published in The Irish Times on the 9th of May 2023.   President Michael D Higgins’s 

Is an All-Party, Power-Sharing, Governmnet in Ireland Possible?

Peter Emerson 24/03/2023

As currently (undefined but) practiced, majority rule implies that any party or group of TDs/MPs which constitutes more than 50% of the …

Make Agriculture Exciting Again

Kieran Harrahill 18/10/2022

The question of how agriculture in Ireland can adapt to the need to reduce emissions has become a contentious issue recently. Agriculture has a large …

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