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Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a President of the Statistical and Social Enquiry Society of Ireland, former member of the Economic Committee of the ETUC, a member of the National Competitiveness Council of Ireland, the National Statistics Board, the ESB, TUAC, (advisor to OECD) and several other bodies. He has written three books on the Irish economy and two on public enterprise, including The Celtic Tiger; Ireland’s Economic Miracle Explained and Selling Out: Privatisation in Ireland, chapters in other books and many articles on economics.

Every Aspect of our Lives will be Impacted by the Coming Reform of the EU's Fiscal Rules

Paul Sweeney 18/12/2020

Last March in a blog I pointed out that the inane fiscal rules of the EU "the Stability and Growth Pact" (SGP) (also called the Fiscal Rules) were to be relaxed. In fact, faced with reality of Covid19, the EU did more than relax these rules. It actually suspended them. Now, EU is going to re-write them. Yet some want to restore them in full, in …

Is Inflation about to take off again?

Paul Sweeney 04/12/2020

Irish Consumer Prices fell by 1.5% in the year to October 2020. Euro area prices also fell in the year, by -0.3%. Irish consumer price levels are the …

An effective corporation-tax system for the EU

Paul Sweeney 07/11/2020

This blog post first appeared in Social Europe.   The European social contract is broken. The largest companies are no longer contributing …

A Budget for the Times

Paul Sweeney 09/10/2020

The 2021 Budget will be extraordinary and it could be transformative. It will push the country into even higher debt - with the state spending much, …

Book review and summary: "Deaths of despair: the future of capitalism"

Paul Sweeney 12/08/2020

This book will give you a greater understanding of why so many people support Donald Trump. It will also shock you with some of the statistics and …

Stimulus package amid pandemic could transform Ireland for the better

Paul Sweeney 23/07/2020

The stimulus package to be announced by the Government this week will be transformative. It could transform Ireland into a better place in which to …

How Businesses Can Survive the Lockdown

Paul Sweeney 01/05/2020

  Many argue that bad businesses should not be supported by the state. However, if this pandemic’s lockdown lasts a long time, it is going to …

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