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Michael Taft is an economic analyst and trade unionist. He is author of the Notes of the Front blog and a member of the TASC Economists’ Network.

Fat Cat Wednesday

Michael Taft 10/01/2018

Today, just seven working days into the New Year, the average remuneration for CEO’s in the top 21 Irish companies (which represent 95 percent of the market value of the Irish Stock Exchange), has already exceeded the average yearly pay for a full-time employee. The rest of the year is cream. There have been numerous studies of CEO pay in the US …

The Spectre Haunting Europe

Michael Taft 01/12/2017

There is a spectre haunting Europe – the spectre of de-privatisation, re-municipalisation, and re-nationalisation.   Local, regional and national …

A long ways to go

Michael Taft 30/07/2012

Michael Taft: It is difficult to come to a judgement on the NTMA bond sale. That we entered the bond market accessing new money is a plus, especially …

Bathing the rich

Michael Taft 10/07/2012

Michael Taft: Okay, so you’re not one of those who believe in soaking the rich. But what about bathing? A good bath is healthy for the body and the …

Splashing the water

Michael Taft 28/06/2012

Michael Taft: First there was Claiming our Future with its bold but common-sensical proposals to promote growth and equity in the economy. Now we …

The structural deficit just got worse

Michael Taft 11/05/2012

Michael Taft: The latest EU Commission projections are out and, if anything, they show an even higher structural deficit than what the Government is …

Will the Fiscal Treaty Cost Us?

Michael Taft 08/05/2012

Michael Taft: Will the Fiscal Treaty – in particular, the notorious structural deficit rule – require additional austerity? John McHale of the …

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