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Sinéad Pentony is Associate Director with the Trinity Foundation, Trinity College Dublin working towards securing private funding and other support for a range of projects - primarily from individuals, companies and foundations.

Her fundraising portfolio includes supporting the Schools of Computer Science and Statistics; Mathematics; and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to deliver on their strategic priorities with the help of philanthropy support and sponsorship.

She has been working in the not-for-profit sector since the mid-1990s and generating income and fundraising has been a key part of her roles. She develops strategic relationships with a view to delivering mutually beneficial outcomes.

Her previous roles have involved undertaking research and policy work across a variety of public policy areas, policy influencing and advocacy work with a wide variety of stakeholders, public communications, lecturing, and leading or supported strategic planning and review processes aimed at refocusing the work of programmes and organisations in a changing context.

Sinéad was previously head of policy with TASC.

Innovation policy and perfomance in Ireland

Sinéad Pentony 14/06/2012

Sinéad Pentony: TASC hosted its second lunchtime seminar yesterday. Professor David Jacobson examined the issue of innovation policy and performance in Ireland, which is based on work that David has been doing for TASC on the wider issue of industrial policy, which will be published in the coming months. The presentation included a critique of …

Has the State any Business in Business?

Sinéad Pentony 30/05/2012

Sinéad Pentony: TASC held its first lunchtime seminar yesterday. Paul Sweeney considered the question - ‘Has the State any business in …

TASC submission on unemployment

Sinéad Pentony 22/05/2012

Sinéad Pentony: In a submission to the Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education, TASC has looked at a number of key questions. …

Gender equality and the economy

Sinéad Pentony 07/03/2012

Sinéad Pentony: As we face into years of more austerity, it will be no surprise to learn that the European Union birth rate is dropping, …

Pathways to Work - can it deliver?

Sinéad Pentony 02/03/2012

Sinéad Pentony: Pathways to Work was launched last week and it sets out to achieve some much needed reform in relation to labour market activation …

The false economy of selling state assets to fund job creation

Sinéad Pentony 22/02/2012

Sinéad Pentony: Today’s announcement provides us with some more details on the government’s thinking in relation to the role of state assets in …

The Debt Trap

Sinéad Pentony 25/01/2012

Sinéad Pentony: The dust has hardly settled from the Troika’s departure when we are facing the repayment of €1.25 billion in unsecured bonds …

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