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Was it for this? II

Michael Burke 06/12/2010

Michael Burke: Ahead of tomorrow's Budget, it may be worth taking stock and posing the question, How did it come to this? The Irish Times leader …

The €67.5 (not €85) billion bailout

Jim Stewart 02/12/2010

Jim Stewart: Whatever the Taoiseach thought he was doing at the press conference last Sunday) in announcing the EU/IMF net loans to Ireland of …

Michael Burke in the Guardian: who's being bailed out?


Somewhat belated, but here is a link to PE blogger Michael Burke's opinion piece in Saturday's Guardian newspaper.

Ireland, bond markets and democracy


"Making the “market” the actor abstracts from the real world of speculators and financial fraud. It facilitates the mythology that the …

UNITE letter to opposition parties

Michael Taft 29/11/2010

Michael Taft: Today, Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary of the trade union UNITE, sent a letter to the leaders of the opposition parties – Fine Gael, …

Implications of the IMF deal

Tom O'Connor 29/11/2010

Tom O'Connor: The IMF deal which has just being announced should be filed under fairy stories. It is economically unrealistic and would be an …

Never a reckless lender be

Tom McDonnell 26/11/2010

Tom McDonnell: One of the images below is from Patrick Honohan's paper in the Economic and Social Review June 2009. If you combine the two you can …

With friends like these ..... Michael Burke on the view from the UK


PE's Michael Burke has an article on the Socialist Economic Bulleting putting the Irish situation into context for British readers: Like Greece …

Krugman on the bailout - and why the markets aren't impressed


"The basic situation is that given the cost of rescuing Ireland’s banks, and the damage harsh austerity is inflicting on Ireland’s economy, …

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