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Slí Eile22/01/2011

Slí Eile: There is a distinct possibility that you will be getting more callers to the front door in the next few weeks. Be conscious that there may be a link between recent and prospective events, on the one hand, and on the other the 'Presentation of the National Recover Plan' update on the Department of Finance website here. Nothing obviously new there. It just says: 'This document relates to the National Recovery Plan 2011-2014 published on 24 November 2010.
However, the information within takes into account later data in 2010 as well as measures taken in Budget 2011.' Perhaps it a reminder to the Markets, IMF, EU, Political Parties - and voters - that the national authorities mean business. Take page 38 - composition of expenditure savings. Now you may wish to ask those friendly canvassers some questions including:
Will your party go with the broad parameters of the IMF-EU deal and the National Recovery Plan which envisages a cumulative four year 2.8billion cut in social welfare on top of the 0.9bn this year (2011)?
If not, will your party cut something else instead (public sector pay by an additional 2.8bn on top of savings already envisaged?)
If not cut other areas will your party seek negotiate the entire Plan and deal?
If the Markets, the IMF and the EU say no what is your party's 'Plan B'?
Please straight answers to straight questions. Time is of the essence.

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