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Martin Wolf's open letter to Mario Draghi


"You must choose between two paths: the orthodox one leads towards failure; the unorthodox one should lead towards success. The eurozone confronts a …

Visualising the Contagion Machine

Tom McDonnell 24/10/2011

Tom McDonnell: The New York Times has put up a useful visualisation charting potential channels of contagion within the Euro zone. For a nice visual …

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

Tom McDonnell 19/10/2011

Tom McDonnell: Martin Wolf has an excellent and honest appraisal of the chances of the Euro crisis being successfully resolved in a way that is …

The Future of Europe?

Nat O'Connor 06/10/2011

Nat O'Connor: What do the following people have in common? Tony Blair, Marek Belka, Jacques Delors, Felipe González, Jakob Kellenberger, Mario …

When we have shuffled off this Greek coil

Tom McDonnell 13/09/2011

Tom McDonnell: The sounds out of Germany are becoming more confused by the day. Increasingly there is a growing expectation of a Greek default. Yanis …

Euro Bonds are not enough, says Thomas Palley: Eurozone countries need a government banker


This article by Thomas Palley, of the New America Foundation's Economic Growth Programme, was published in the FT Economists' Forum on August 31st. …

Guaranteed Lender of Last Resort

Tom McDonnell 23/08/2011

Tom McDonnell: The often useful VOXEU resource has produced a number of constructive pieces on the debt crisis in the last week or so. Paul DeGrauwe …

Austerity plus uncertainty equals more contraction

Slí Eile 18/08/2011

Slí Eile: Voxeu had an interesting contribution by Miguel Kiguel [Argentina and Greece: More similarities than differences in the initial …

The Merkozy Summit


Link to Karl Whelan's analysis of the latest developments in the Eurozone Crisis. 'The Merkozy Summit - Bad Politics, Bad Economics'.

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