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National Income and Expenditure 2011

Michael Burke 05/09/2012

Michael Burke: The argument in favour of ‘austerity’ measures is that the overriding objective of policy must be to reduce the government deficit, that this must be done by cutting spending and that there is no alternative to current policies. The release of the latest Irish National Income and Expenditure for 2011 should serve to dispel the …

Is the Irish Economy At a Turning-Point?

Michael Burke 12/07/2012

Michael Burke: There are a number of curious features of the latest quarterly national accounts data. Statisticians frequently warn that these are …

The ESRI Quarterly and 'The Small Open Economy'

Michael Burke 20/06/2012

Michael Burke: The latest ESRI Quarterly deals very briefly with the issue of economic stimulus. ‘We would be very cautious about a domestic …

Are things getting better, or worse?

Michael Burke 11/05/2012

Michael Burke: The EU Commission Spring 2012 economic forecasts have just been published. It is likely that the downgrading of current growth …

A 'closer look at Estonia'

Michael Burke 16/04/2012

Michael Burke: ‘Those who declare with infinite certainty that spending cuts and tax increases cannot work, or that there is no example of an …

GDP contraction in the crisis Euro area economies

Michael Burke 02/04/2012

Michael Burke: OECD comparative data for the crisis EU countries highlights the extent of that crisis. Greece has become a by-word for the effects of …

Dishonesty and the 'structural deficit'

Michael Burke 26/03/2012

Michael Burke: An article in the Irish Times by Stephen Collins which asserts that the new Treaty “seeks to do is to put an end to the kind of …

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