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On premature optimism

Terry McDonough 26/09/2011

Terrence McDonough: On Thursday, some positive Irish growth figures provided an island of optimism in a sea of bad international economic news. Any such optimism is grossly premature. It is certainly true that the transnational sector of the Irish economy has been performing well for some time. Indeed this has been true for much of the downturn. …

Ireland and Greece – A tale of the good twin and the bad twin and their common fate

Terry McDonough, CJ Polychroniou 07/02/2011

Terry McDonough and CJ Polychroniou: The Celtic Tiger was one of the most famous economic success stories of recent times. Ireland was the poster boy …

NAMA: If you want to play 'Solve the Irish Banking Crisis', there are several games in town

Terry McDonough 01/09/2009

Terry McDonough: It has been repeatedly asserted over the last few days that NAMA is the only game in town. Below is a list and description of the …

IMF economist on people like us

Terry McDonough 12/04/2009

Terry McDonough: Former IMF economist Simon Johnson in The Atlantic on the potential "beneficiaries" of IMF largesse: "Typically, these countries are …

Budget 2009: Banking proposal and cuts in discretionary income the real news

Terry McDonough 07/04/2009

Terry McDonough: It is interesting that the initial reactions to the budget are emphasizing the stunning nature of the package. My own take is …

So who's to blame? An Icelandic saga

Terry McDonough 16/03/2009

Terry McDonough: I came across the following very interesting reference from Ann Mayhew on the institutional economics AFEEMAIL list. Enjoy. In the …

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