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Is (Government) austerity working?

Slí Eile 24/09/2011

Slí Eile: Much has been made of the latest quarterly national accounts data issued by the Central Statistics Office last Thursday here. First the good news: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is estimated to have increased by 2.3% - in real terms - between the second quarter of 2011 and the second quarter of 2010 (Table 1). Hurray. Next, GDP has …

Revisiting Keynes

Slí Eile 04/09/2011

Slí Eile: Good piece from Ed Balls in the Observer this morning here. No doubt it will be said Keynes applies everywhere in the world (the folks who …

Short-term fiscal book keeping over strategic thinking

Slí Eile 03/09/2011

Slí Eile: Given the current drive to scale back on the quality and quantity of public service here are some interesting and provocative comments on …

Austerity plus uncertainty equals more contraction

Slí Eile 18/08/2011

Slí Eile: Voxeu had an interesting contribution by Miguel Kiguel [Argentina and Greece: More similarities than differences in the initial …

A suggestion for Summer Schools

Slí Eile 11/08/2011

Slí Eile: An interesting suggestion is made here. Perhaps it might be extended to reviews of macro-economic policy, conferences think-ins etc. We …

Enjoy this weekend if you can

Slí Eile 05/08/2011

Slí Eile: New research on what might make for happy weekends here !

The latest installment of Euro crisis

Slí Eile 28/07/2011

Slí Eile: Reactions to last week's Euro summit conclusions have been generally positive with much focus - at least in the Irish media - on the …

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