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Rory O'Farrell is an economist lecturing in TU Dublin. He previously worked for the OECD and for NERI.


Blockchain is a 32-Year-Old Gimmick

Rory O'Farrell 30/05/2023

Blockchain is old hat. In 1991 blockchain was first proposed by two scientists at Bell Labs, long enough for the technology to mature and stand on its own feet. However, €347 million of EU funding has been approved to promote blockchain, while this week Irish government agencies divert resources hoping this generation old technology will be the …

Ireland’s Tech Boom

Rory O'Farrell 18/11/2022

Over the past decade, Ireland’s tech sector boomed. From 2012 to 2022, employment almost doubled, while wages for such workers rose 47 percent …

Ireland’s corporation tax revenue is set for a large fall

Rory O'Farrell 28/09/2022

Ireland has received bumper corporation tax revenue over the past decade, something which has puzzled many economists. The Irish Fiscal Advisory …

Why is Ireland such a high-cost country?

Rory O'Farrell 30/06/2022

In Ireland, the price level of consumer goods and services are 40% above the EU average. Why is this the case? Our high prices are almost entirely …

Global inflation masks home-grown problems

Rory O'Farrell 24/01/2022

Last week, a friend felt somewhat flushed and wondered if it was a fever due to COVID-19 or simply the unusually warm weather outside. Fortunately, a …

Digital platforms

Rory O'Farrell 03/05/2019

In the mid-2010s, British researchers surveyed the number of digital platform workers (such as workers using Uber, Deliveroo, or Amazon Turk) by …

The effects of an investment stimulus

Rory O'Farrell 20/07/2012

Rory O'Farrell: The idea of an investment stimulus got a boost this week. Though people may disagree over the extent to which this is 'new money', it …

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