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Rory O’Farrell is an economist at the Dept of Economics, OECD, with extensive post-PhD international work experience. His research has been in the area of public policy, labour economics, fiscal policy and monetary policy. He has experience with macroeconomic modelling, calibrating Mortensen-Pissarides matching models and forecasting.

Global inflation masks home-grown problems

Rory O'Farrell 24/01/2022

Last week, a friend felt somewhat flushed and wondered if it was a fever due to COVID-19 or simply the unusually warm weather outside. Fortunately, a PCR test showed he was free of COVID-19. At the same time the Irish economy has been overheating with many pointing to outside causes. However, a closer examination shows the Irish economy is not as …

Digital platforms

Rory O'Farrell 03/05/2019

In the mid-2010s, British researchers surveyed the number of digital platform workers (such as workers using Uber, Deliveroo, or Amazon Turk) by …

The effects of an investment stimulus

Rory O'Farrell 20/07/2012

Rory O'Farrell: The idea of an investment stimulus got a boost this week. Though people may disagree over the extent to which this is 'new money', it …

Is Ireland achieving its targets?

Rory O'Farrell 09/05/2012

Rory O'Farrell: Sometimes in the debate on the plan with the Troika people point out that we are in recession so the plan has failed. However, the …

Chemical solutions to economic problems?

Rory O'Farrell 04/07/2011

Rory O'Farrell: I feel it rare that I have reason to be thankful to the FF/PD government of 2002-2007. However, they had one policy that was so …

Comparative prices for the EU

Rory O'Farrell 28/06/2011

Rory O'Farrell: Eurostat has brought out an interesting publication today on comparative prices. This index is based on consumer expenditure, so one …

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