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Michael Burke 27/09/2010

Michael Burke: One of the key ways in which fiscal stimulus package have worked in the Euro Area- and the reason why the Irish government's policy …

Q2 GDP - The Irish Depression

Michael Burke 23/09/2010

Michael Burke: The Q2 GDP data published today do little to alleviate the gloom surrounding economic prospects. Both measure of output contracted in …

Lessons from abroad

Michael Burke 20/09/2010

Michael Burke: There is an imminent danger with regard to government finances. The government and its supporters have repeatedly argued that their …

Leakage, and hot air

Michael Burke 13/09/2010

Michael Burke: One of the main objections to the government adopting measures to boost the economy is the concept, or more accurately the notion, of …

Compare and contrast

Michael Burke 06/09/2010

Michael Burke: The yield on Irish 10-year government debt climbed to 5.7% by close of trading on Friday. This is shown in the chart here. This is …

Who benefits from Ireland's (im)balance of payments?

Michael Burke 24/08/2010

Michael Burke: In a recent discussion on this site, there are some important points raised about Ireland's external sector. This follows on from …

Out of the traps and into the abyss

Michael Burke 20/07/2010

Michael Burke: A piece in today's Guardian reports on the downgrade by Moody's, and expresses some surprise that there wasn't much of a reaction in …

Moody's downgrades - an investment upgrade required

Michael Burke 19/07/2010

Michael Burke: Moody's ratings' agency has just downgraded Irish government debt. The move brings it into line with the other agencies' assessments. …

The future looks like the past

Michael Burke 14/07/2010

Michael Burke: The latest ESRI Quartely Report is just published. Coincidentally, it follows hard on the heels of a piece by Paul Krugman in the New …

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