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This time, it's different

Michael Burke 06/09/2011

Michael Burke: The ESRI’s latest research paper, ’Irish Government Debt and Implied Debt Dynamics: 2011-2015’ has received much coverage. …

Falling Irish bond yields

Michael Burke 30/08/2011

Michael Burke: Irish bond yields are falling. At the time of writing, the yield on 10yr bonds is 8.65%. This is down from the peak of 14.22% on July …

Irish Success Story

Michael Burke 24/08/2011

Michael Burke: The Irish economy has ‘turned the corner’ so often now that it must be back where it started. The latest commentators to identify …

Panic on world markets

Michael Burke 05/08/2011

Michael Burke: International business news and other TV channels are offering a Babel-like interpretation of the current slump in world financial …

All roads lead to Berlin

Michael Burke 25/07/2011

Michael Burke: The details of the latest EU Summit remain sketchy and on the surface overwhelmingly relate to Greece alone. The Agreement reached by …

Why Irish debt is cut to junk status

Michael Burke 13/07/2011

Michael Burke: Moody’s is the first of the credit ratings agencies to cut Irish government debt to below investment grade – the sovereign debt is …

Headline growth

Michael Burke 23/06/2011

Michael Burke: Irish Economy Grows Fastest In Three Years, runs one headline on the Blooomberg news agency. It would be great to think that after all …

The realm of forgetting

Michael Burke 18/06/2011

Michael Burke: I’m guessing that Dan O’Brien may not be every reader of this blog’s favourite economic commentator. Just a hunch. But reading a …

The madness of the drive to lower wages

Michael Burke 30/05/2011

Michael Burke: IBEC’s attack on the JLC wage setting mechanisms in order to drive pay lower is not simply morally indefensible. It is economically …

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