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IMF et al on Fiscal Stimulus

Michael Burke 23/03/2010

Michael Burke: Philip Lane has posted a link to a very useful IMF working paper here. The paper draws on a wide variety of leading macroeconomic …

Economically damaging and fiscally irrelevant

Michael Burke, Michael Taft 22/03/2010

Michael Burke & Michael Taft: It is often stated that to reduce the fiscal deficit we must cut public spending. There is an assumption, never …

Really, McCoy?

Michael Burke 16/03/2010

Michael Burke: In yesterday's Irish Times, IBEC's General Director Danny McCoy said wages increased much more rapidly in Ireland than in other …

The fallacy of competitive deflation

Michael Burke 11/03/2010

Michael Burke: One of the key planks of government economic policy is the notion of 'competitive deflation'. It has another airing here, where it is …

The debate begins

Michael Burke 09/03/2010

Michael Burke: The Open Letter is being discussed over at Irish Economy. Two interesting counter-thrusts, which are not entirely new. One is that the …

Let us invest in the future

Michael Burke 24/02/2010

Michael Burke: In today's Financial Times, chief economics commentator Martin Wolf has an interesting piece on how we can get out of the crisis. He …

No laughing matter

Michael Burke 21/02/2010

Michael Burke: The British Tory Party have expressed open admiration for the policies pursued in Ireland by the Fianna Fail government. While the …

EU calls on Greek population to tighten belts to support wealthy Greek tax dodgers

Michael Burke 19/02/2010

Michael Burke: Tactical manoeuvring is continuing among European governments to decide exactly how much of the bill will be picked up by who for the …

With friends like these (once more on Greece)

Michael Burke 13/02/2010

Michael Burke: There are widespread reports including here, that the meeting of European Finance Ministers will agree to a series of measures aimed …

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