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The Hunt Report, and how to close the deficit

Michael Burke 11/01/2011

Michael Burke: There are many shortcomings in the Hunt Report ‘National Strategy for Higher Education’ – but one thing that’s very useful. …

Ireland needs partners, not predators

Michael Burke 04/01/2011

Michael Burke: One of the problems for those arguing for an investment-led response to the crisis is that €17.5bn of this economy's current assets …

Only growth can reduce the debt

Michael Burke 13/12/2010

Michael Burke: Over on Irish Ecoomy, Karl Whelan has initiated a useful discussion highlighting some of the differences between EU Commission and …

Was it for this? II

Michael Burke 06/12/2010

Michael Burke: Ahead of tomorrow's Budget, it may be worth taking stock and posing the question, How did it come to this? The Irish Times leader …

The €400 mn solution - a plan to recover bondholders' money

Michael Burke 24/11/2010

Michael Burke: There are some very large numbers bandied around in the misnamed ‘National Recovery Plan’ (NRP). €6bn of fiscal tightening this …

Running out of logic

Michael Burke 11/11/2010

Michael Burke: The Finance Minister's statement that, if the government's Budget is not passed the country will run out of money, has been examined …

A better way

Michael Burke 04/11/2010

Michael Burke: As the population braces itself for another round of swingeing cuts, the government and the overwhelming majority of the media …

What to do with £ 7.5 billion?

Michael Burke 19/10/2010

Michael Burke: Yesterday, UK Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson introduced a new policy- increasing taxes on banks in order to finance £7.5bn in …

Impact of TASC Budget Proposals

Michael Burke 15/10/2010

Michael Burke: One of the strange features of the debate on the economy and government finances is that the consensus has solidified around further …

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