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Sean holds an B.Sc in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and an M.Sc. in Development Practice awarded by Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. Prior to joining TASC, Sean worked as a Policy Officer with the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice for five years. During this time he engaged with the negotiations leading to the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. He also led the Foundation’s work on intergenerational equity. Sean spent five years working in the private sector, as a catastrophe risk analyst with Renaissance Reinsurance. He also spent 2 years working in a hospice in Kolkata, India, and worked with the Environmental Protection Agency in Sierra Leone building the agencies capacity in Geographic Information Systems.

Our young people are still waiting for the great leap forward

Sean McCabe 29/07/2021

Ambition is in the eye of the beholder At a recent roundtable meeting with EU decision makers on the EU’s new Fit for 55 climate package, one climate policy veteran emphasised his belief that the package was beyond reproach. “All the young people saying this is not ambitious enough, this is just blah blah,” he said, “they don’t see we …

A green recovery starts with the right to a healthy environment

Sean McCabe 22/04/2021

The 46th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC46) in Geneva last month may be remembered as a watershed moment in the global campaign for …

Interdependence in a pandemic and a climate crisis

Sean McCabe 31/01/2021

The climate crisis is playing out on a landscape of global and national inequality. Countries, and communities, that lack the resources and capacity …

Government’s new climate bill falls short of climate leadership

Sean McCabe 08/10/2020

The much-anticipated Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 2020, published this week, was to be a significant moment in the …

Lost in percentages

Sean McCabe 11/05/2020

  Time is running out There remains only a small window of opportunity to enact the necessary climate action required to avoid catastrophic …

Food For Thought As We Ponder Our Return to Normal

Sean McCabe 20/04/2020

Around the world, all but those workers essential to the functioning of critical services are sitting at home waiting for a return to …

The Future of Work in Rural Communities in Ireland

Sean McCabe 13/12/2019

The Carnegie UK Trust-TASC Ensuring Good Future Jobs essay collection describes many of the key challenges faced by workers in Ireland today, and …

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