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Lies, damned lies and the Dept. of Finance's statistics

An tSaoi 06/03/2012

An Saoi: The Department of Finance has issued the February 2012 tax figures, which can be viewed here. The figures are so confusing a detailed explanatory note has been issued to explain the discrepancies. Let us start with the headline figure. It is 12.53% over profile. However we now have three different explanations as to why the figures are so …

January 2012 tax - have we reached the bottom?

An tSaoi 03/02/2012

An Saoi: The January tax figures have given the Government a bit of good news, but the question is how much? The Table below gives the figures for …

Who will collect our taxes?

An tSaoi 23/01/2012

An Saoi: Staffing in the Office of the Revenue Commissioners was already a concern when this PQ was asked on 3rd July 2008. The same question was …

Questions and answers

An tSaoi 20/01/2012

An Saoi: On Thursday 12/1/2012, Finance Minister Michael Noonan answered a series of questions on inheritances and Capital Acquisitions Tax. The …

End of year Exchequer Returns 2011

An tSaoi 06/01/2012

An Saoi: You can read the Government's gloss on 2011's awful tax figures here (Slides 5-7). The tax yield has indeed risen but only after • the …

Our disappearing corporate taxes

An tSaoi 25/07/2011

An Saoi: Stand up and take a bow, the tax team of Microsoft Inc! You managed to reduce the effective corporate tax rate to just 17.53% for the year …

June tax figures

An tSaoi 11/07/2011

An Saoi: The half year tax figures came out during the week and there have been various comments published around them. Constantin Gurdgiev’s piece …

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