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An tSaoi 24/01/2010

An Saoi: The recently published inflation figures set me thinking as to how they are calculated here and in various other countries. Thankfully each …

VAT and local authorities

An tSaoi 23/01/2010

An Saoi: We were directed by Europe some time ago that VAT must be charged by Local Authorities on certain services such as parking, waste disposal …

Exchequer figures: turning a corner or heading into a cul-de-sac?

An tSaoi 05/01/2010

An Saoi: Well, the end of year Exchequer Figures have arrived and are far better, or should I say are less worse, than was expected. The figures are …

Personal debt levels

An tSaoi 04/01/2010

An Saoi: The Central Bank published its preliminary statistics for November a day early, they are available here. The figures continue to make awful …

Reducing the Irish cost base

An tSaoi 14/12/2009

An Saoi: Almost all of the focus to date in terms of reducing costs has been on reducing labour costs. This has been done by reducing the numbers in …

November tax figures - not as good as they seem

An tSaoi 04/12/2009

An Saoi: Newspaper headlines suggest that the decline in tax revenues is bottoming out, and indeed the November figures themselves look at first …

Likely tax yield in 2010

An tSaoi 14/11/2009

An Saoi: Earlier this year in April the Dept. of Finance estimated that the tax take for 2009 would be €34,400M. Now, just seven months later they …

Where are all the (cash) savings going?

An tSaoi 04/11/2009

An Saoi: Hidden inside the Central Bank’s monthly statistical reports is an analysis of household cash holdings in banks and credit unions (Table …

Publishing tax returns, Norwegian style

An tSaoi 24/10/2009

An Saoi: Thanks to this article on the BBC’s website, I have wasted hours of my own and my employer’s time looking at the tax returns of the rich …

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