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July tax figures

An tSaoi 06/08/2010

An Saoi: That paragon of objective comment, the Sunday Independent, informed us last Sunday that "Public finances (were) buoyed by July Revenue …


An tSaoi 05/07/2010

An Saoi: This has been a busy week for the publication of economic information, not least the

Revised rent supports

An tSaoi 13/06/2010

An Saoi: The Dept. of Social Protection (formerly Dept. of SFA) has finally announced the revised rent supports, effective from now until Secember …

May figures

An tSaoi 04/06/2010

An Saoi: May’s Tax figures suggest little sign of a pick up, despite the Dept of Finance’s brave effort to suggest that all is still on target. …

April figures

An tSaoi 06/05/2010

An Saoi: I said last month that April is a boring tax month with little happening. I had half intended skipping over making any comments but these …

Crucifixion Friday

An tSaoi 03/04/2010

An Saoi: The Irish title for Good Friday is Aoine an Chéasta or 'Crucifixion Friday'. I gather that the traditional method of crucifixion involved a …

Lies, Damn Lies & Irish Economic Statistics - A Basic Lesson in Corporate Tax Planning

An tSaoi 29/03/2010

An Saoi: I have had enough of all of those stockbroker economists & politicians who lecture us incessantly that exports are the key to getting us …

Report of the Innovation Taskforce

An tSaoi 17/03/2010

An Saoi: I read the Report of the Innovation Taskforce and wept. The Government’s big idea is per Brian Cowan’s piece in Saturday’s Irish Times …

Tallaght Hospital controversy: An apposite quote

An tSaoi 14/03/2010

An Saoi: I recently came across the following comment from an interview with Dr. Giovanni Berlinguer, professor of Social Medicine and younger …

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