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May is a wicked month

An tSaoi 04/06/2011

An Saoi: The tax figures were released with a range of different views expressed. Read Dan O'Brien as an example of the general tenor of comment. …

April tax figures - not as good as they look

An tSaoi 05/05/2011

An Saoi: At an initial examination the April figures appear to be very good. However, at closer examination I think that there are a number of …

March tax returns

An tSaoi 05/04/2011

An Saoi: The tax returns for March give us our first real feel for what is happening in the economy in 2011 through the bi-monthly VAT returns. VAT …

Credit cards in December

An tSaoi 08/02/2011

An Saoi: The Central Bank provides an analysis of credit cards as part of its monthly statistical report. It is the very final Table in the monthly …

Banking crisis looms

An tSaoi 31/01/2011

An Saoi: Last Friday's Irish Independent had a story suggesting that the Credit Union movement is skeptical about the value of the Government's Bank …

Where are all our deposits going?

An tSaoi 24/01/2011

An Saoi: Household savings should be the most stable part of the your deposit base. Very few households have access to an Austrian or Swiss bank …

October tax figures

An tSaoi 05/11/2010

An Saoi: Seamus Coffey from UCC has produced an excellent analysis of the October Tax Returns on his site Economic Incentives. There you will find a …

July tax figures

An tSaoi 06/08/2010

An Saoi: That paragon of objective comment, the Sunday Independent, informed us last Sunday that "Public finances (were) buoyed by July Revenue …


An tSaoi 05/07/2010

An Saoi: This has been a busy week for the publication of economic information, not least the

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