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The ECB and the Forthcoming Referendum

Jim Stewart 26/04/2012

Jim Stewart: A recent speech delivered by Mr Asmussen (Executive Director of the ECB) at a seminar organised by the IIEA in Dublin (The Irish Case …

Power, Trust and the Household Charge

Sheila Killian 16/04/2012

Sheila Killian: This afternoon Erich Kirchler gave a very interesting seminar here at the Kemmy Business School on the factors that affect taxpayer …

A 'closer look at Estonia'

Michael Burke 16/04/2012

Michael Burke: ‘Those who declare with infinite certainty that spending cuts and tax increases cannot work, or that there is no example of an …

Agreement and Difference with Minister Howlin

Nat O'Connor 12/04/2012

Nat O'Connor: Minister Brendan Howlin’s opinion piece in the Irish Times is to be welcomed. It is valuable to have a Government Minister engaging …

Responding to the Minister

Michael Taft 12/04/2012

Michael Taft: The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Brendan Howlin, has responded to the open letter signed by 39 economists, social …

Response to Mr Howlin

Paul Sweeney 12/04/2012

Paul Sweeney: Mr Howlin’s considered response to the letter from the group of economists, of which I was one, is very welcome. His response is …

Open letter in Irish Times: austerity breeding stagnation


Today's open letter in the Irish Times, signed by many names familiar to PE readers, is available here. Comments?

GDP contraction in the crisis Euro area economies

Michael Burke 02/04/2012

Michael Burke: OECD comparative data for the crisis EU countries highlights the extent of that crisis. Greece has become a by-word for the effects of …

Michael O'Sullivan on the European project


Michael O'Sullivan, author of 'Ireland and the Global question', has an interesting opinion piece in today's Financial Times.

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Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a …

Kirsty Doyle

Kirsty Doyle is a Researcher at TASC, working in the area of health inequalities. She is …

Vic Duggan

Vic Duggan is an independent consultant, economist and public policy specialist catering …