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Dr Sheila Killian is Assistant Dean, Research and Director, Principles for Responsible Management Education at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. Her research addresses sustainability, accountability and the common good, with a focus on professional expertise, tax policy and business school education. She holds a PhD in taxation from UCD.

Prior to joining UL, Dr Killian worked as a tax advisor with Arthur Andersen, KPMG and Ernst & Young, and in air-finance and educational software development. A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland, she is the author of Corporate Social Responsibility: a Guide with Irish Experiences (2012).

The OECD ramps up plans against corporate tax avoidance

Sheila Killian 12/02/2013

Sheilla Killian:Following yesterday’s primer on the landscape of multinational taxes, this post reviews today’s brand-new OECD report on their plans to address multinational tax avoidance. What’s in the report? This report, Addressing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, is a good contribution to the area in three ways. First, it reviews the …

Sony Kapoor's growth compact

Sheila Killian 17/05/2012

Sheila Killian: Sony Kapoor proposes a Growth Compact here - worth a read, especially Title III on taxes: Member states, particularly those facing …

Changing the way companies are taxed

Sheila Killian 20/04/2012

Sheila Killian: As reported by the Irish Times, yesterday, the European Parliament approved a resolution proposing amendments to the CCCTB (the …

Power, Trust and the Household Charge

Sheila Killian 16/04/2012

Sheila Killian: This afternoon Erich Kirchler gave a very interesting seminar here at the Kemmy Business School on the factors that affect taxpayer …

The clouding effect of international tax avoidance

Sheila Killian 05/04/2012

Sheila Killian: In the Central Bank’s most recent Quarterly Bulletin, released today, Mary Everett does a good analysis of the impact of …

Irish Bonds Tempt Buyers Again After Banks Blow Up: Euro Credit

Sheila Killian 09/01/2012

Sheila Killian: There’s an interesting article on Bloomberg, by Dara Doyle and Cormac Mullen. Interesting, that is, in the Confucian sense of …

More tax questions than answers

Sheila Killian 04/12/2011

Sheila Killian: The 2012 Estimates published over the weekend make for interesting reading in the context of what has already been leaked from the …

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