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Arthur Doohan trained as an engineer and economist in Trinity College Dublin and went to work in a bank. Having traded every asset class and derivative except equities in the City of London for 15 years he left to do something more constructive than 'being a professional gambler with other people's money'. He now works as an IT consultant specialising in mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Guest Post: Bank Reform

Arthur Doohan 18/02/2013

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: The 'battered can' that is the Irish economy has been very firmly kicked as far down the road as anyone could possibly imagine the road extending. We have imposed on the next two generations an interest only mortgage payable in 35 years time. It is a fabulous piece of financial 'legerdemain' from a country which during …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: The EU's FTT - a good idea badly done

Arthur Doohan 02/10/2012

Arthur Doohan: Tax policy in this jurisdiction is a mess and has been so for a long time. This mess has been a significant contributor to the …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: A perp walk for banks

Arthur Doohan 07/08/2012

Arthur Doohan: We all had a pleasantly salacious time some days ago watching various white-collar villains being hauled before the courts and given …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: Don't complain - start repairing LIBOR

Arthur Doohan 20/07/2012

Arthur Doohan:LIBOR ‘structurally flawed’ says the ‘Fed’.... Power corrupts...even a little power corrupts quite a we have seen, …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: The facts about LIBOR

Arthur Doohan 09/07/2012

Arthur Doohan: Personally, I love a good conspiracy theory even though most of them can’t take a rinse let alone a serious ‘spin-cycle’. But …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan (II): Debt realities

Arthur Doohan 22/05/2012

Arthur Doohan: In five years we have gone from being the "pinup stars" for EU growth to being the "posterchildren" for austerity and, like a nodding …

Guest post by Arthur Doohan: It's the economy, stupid

Arthur Doohan 17/05/2012

Arthur Doohan: "...most of the people ...were unhappy… Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned …

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