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A recipe for climate action

Chythenyen Devika Kulasekaran 28/07/2022

For a long time, the economy was regarded as the "system," while the environment and society were regarded as "sub-systems." The global economy is nearly five times the size it was half a century ago, but global inequality is increasing not only in the global south, but also in the global north, and the myth of economic growth has failed us. …

Has the OECD abandoned its neo-liberal taxation policies?

Paul Sweeney 27/07/2016

Paul Sweeney: The OECD has relentlessly pursued a neo-liberal taxation policy. It seldom uses the word taxation without the appendage “burden” …

Investment strategies and economic recovery


TASC hosted its third lunchtime seminar yesterday. Tom Healy, Director of the Nevin Economic Research Institute, gave an interesting presentation on …

Innovation policy and perfomance in Ireland

Sinéad Pentony 14/06/2012

Sinéad Pentony: TASC hosted its second lunchtime seminar yesterday. Professor David Jacobson examined the issue of innovation policy and performance …

TASC submission on unemployment

Sinéad Pentony 22/05/2012

Sinéad Pentony: In a submission to the Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education, TASC has looked at a number of key questions. …

TASC issues new report on State Assets


Click here to download TASC's new report, The Strategic Role of State Assets - Reframing the Privatisation Debate. Comments?

A Roadmap to Greater Inequality: TASC response to Budget 2012


TASC's response to Budget 2012, A Roadmap to Greater Inequality, is available for download here.

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Vic Duggan

Vic Duggan is an independent consultant, economist and public policy specialist catering …

Robert Sweeney

Robert Sweeney is a policy analyst at TASC and focuses on issues surrounding Irish …

Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a …