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Chythenyen Devika Kulasekaran

Chythenyen is an intern at TASC pursuing his master's in International Relations. He is also a senior editor at "Dublin Law and Politics Review" and an influencer at the "International Council for Circular Economy". He has close to 15 years of experience in activism, social entrepreneurship, waste management and sustainability. 

A recipe for climate action

Chythenyen Devika Kulasekaran 28/07/2022

For a long time, the economy was regarded as the "system," while the environment and society were regarded as "sub-systems." The global economy is nearly five times the size it was half a century ago, but global inequality is increasing not only in the global south, but also in the global north, and the myth of economic growth has failed us. …

From “why” to “why not”?

Chythenyen Devika Kulasekaran 21/04/2022

The current Russia-Ukraine war, is a wake-up call for countries to invest in renewable energy sources for energy security. The European Union, for …

Here, there, and everywhere!

Chythenyen Devika Kulasekaran 14/03/2022

Global inflation has reached its highest level since 2008. As per a Swiss Re report, climate change is expected to reduce global economic output by …

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