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Rory Hearne is a postdoctoral researcher in the Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), working on the Re-Invest Participatory Action Human Rights and Capability project in relation to social investment with a particular focus on homelessness and water infrastructure.

He has a PhD in political and economic geography from Trinity College Dublin. He is also a former policy analyst with TASC and has worked as a policy researcher and community development worker with Barnardos on social housing regeneration and human rights in Dublin's inner city. He was lecturer in human geography in the Department of Geography, Maynooth University and has researched and published extensively in the areas of housing and social housing, political economy, human rights, social movements, and politics.

He is author of Public Private Partnerships in Ireland (2011) and co-author of Cherishing All Equally (2016). He is also a regular economic and social analyst on various national media.

The solution to the housing crisis?

Rory Hearne 14/09/2018

There is general acceptance that the housing crisis has reached unacceptable levels. However, the government’s current policies are inadequate to address the crisis because, firstly, they underestimate the scale of the crisis. Secondly, they are refusing to accept that the overall housing policy framework they are pursuing through Rebuilding …

No ordinary housing crisis

Rory Hearne 20/06/2018

As I outlined in the first part of this article (see link here), the housing and homelessness crisis is no ordinary crisis. This is not a temporary …

No ordinary housing crisis

Rory Hearne 14/06/2018

This is no ordinary crisis. The Irish housing system is in a state of ‘structural ‘shock’. Home-ownership rates have collapsed to levels not …

Government social housing figures don’t stack up

Rory Hearne 05/01/2017

The government has been responding to the Apollo House action by stating that dealing with the housing crisis is its “number one priority” and …

Rental strategy insufficient for affordable homes

Rory Hearne 14/12/2016

The government’s Strategy for the Rental Sector, while containing the welcome provision of rental restrictions is ultimately flawed because it does …

Is an Irish Trump possible?

Rory Hearne 25/11/2016

Trump’s election should make us reflect about our own national and regional economic and political situations and contexts. Trump’s success has …

A spiral out of control

Rory Hearne 11/11/2016

The Minister for Housing, Simon Coveney, indicated yesterday that he is not going to introduce rent regulation/certainty as it might deter the …



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