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Michael Taft is an economic analyst and trade unionist. He is author of the Notes of the Front blog and a member of the TASC Economists’ Network.

If we don't talk about it, nothing bad will happen

Michael Taft 17/01/2012

Michael Taft: It is frustrating that so much debate about the economy is informed by denial (the insanity of the speculative boom was denied for …

The impoverishment of Ireland

Michael Taft 01/12/2011

Michael Taft: The CSO has produced the preliminary results from the annual EU Survey on Income and Living Conditions. And the results show an …

Bad plan, false arguments

Michael Taft 21/11/2011

Michael Taft: The Minister for Finance’s comments justifying VAT increases are deeply worrying, for they evince either considerable unfamiliarity …

Is the government hiding more austerity?

Michael Taft 16/11/2011

Michael Taft: The Government may be hiding up to €800 in austerity measures in their recent Medium-Term Fiscal Statement (MTFS). I use the term …

Turning phrases in the face of reality

Michael Taft 07/11/2011

Michael Taft: So we have more austerity and less growth, more debt and less jobs, more spending cuts and less investment – welcome to the …

Spinning our tax wheels

Michael Taft 03/11/2011

Michael Taft: The Exchequer statement out yesterday shows tax revenue falling short of target. The headline rate shows tax revenue at end October …

Investment denial and the new road map

Michael Taft 10/10/2011

Michael Taft: Colm McCarthy’s post on Irish Economy takes a sceptical look at ‘productive investment’, or more precisely, the Government’s …

Party nation

Michael Taft 27/09/2011

Michael Taft: Remember that statement – how during the boom years we all ‘partied’ as a nation? Remember those prescriptions – how we had to …

Wiping Clean the Anglo/INBS Debt Slate

Michael Burke, Michael Taft, Tom McDonnell 20/09/2011

Tom McDonnell, Michael Burke and Michael Taft: The Anglo Irish and Irish Nationwide debt must become a major political issue. The Anglo/INBS …

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