Party nation

Michael Taft27/09/2011

Michael Taft: Remember that statement – how during the boom years we all ‘partied’ as a nation? Remember those prescriptions – how we had to cut back our living standards, probably back to 2003; in order to restore competitiveness? Remember how we were told that we were living beyond our means and now we had to purge (and purge and purge). With an important seminar on incomes and recovery being hosted by TASC in Cork on Thursday, let’s see just how much we partied, how we lived beyond our means, and how much – as a nation – we indulged at the table of plenty. You can read the rest of this post here.

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Michael Taft     @notesonthefront


Michael Taft is an economic analyst and trade unionist. He is author of the Notes of the Front blog and a member of the TASC Economists’ Network.





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