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Michael Taft is an economic analyst and trade unionist. He is author of the Notes of the Front blog and a member of the TASC Economists’ Network.

How not to read taxation statistics

Michael Taft 09/03/2011

Michael Taft: Michael Hennigan over at Finfacts is worried that Irish taxation will reach high Danish levels by 2014. He shouldn’t be (though if …

The murky world of Exchequer statistics

Michael Taft 03/03/2011

Michael Taft: I don’t want to pre-empt An Saoi’s more informed analysis of Exchequer returns, but there are some real issues emerging even at …

Off to a dismal start

Michael Taft 31/01/2011

Michael Taft: Even before the election has been officially announced, the debate has gotten off to a fairly dismal start. Yesterday, Labour’s Eamon …

A new emergency Budget

Michael Taft 26/01/2011

Michael Taft: Whatever about the disputes over facilitating the passage of the Finance Bill, what people want to know is what parties are going to do …

Recovery? What recovery?

Michael Taft 20/01/2011

Michael Taft: The ESRI’s new quarterly analysis is out (though not available on-line for 30 days). Though its forecasts are more pessimistic than …

Breaking our arms

Michael Taft 06/01/2011

Michael Taft: Before we break our arms from patting ourselves on the back over our export growth, let’s take a fact break. Clearly, Irish exports …

A New Deal moment

Michael Taft 07/12/2010

Michael Taft: The budget will be nasty, brutal but unfortunately not short. Its effects will last – unless people through their popular …

UNITE letter to opposition parties

Michael Taft 29/11/2010

Michael Taft: Today, Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary of the trade union UNITE, sent a letter to the leaders of the opposition parties – Fine Gael, …

They didn't even number the pages

Michael Taft 05/11/2010

Michael Taft: Let me see if I get this. The Government produces a new set of projections yesterday in their Economic and Budgetary Outlook (a new …

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