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IMF chief warns on exit strategy

Michael Burke 23/11/2009

Michael Burke: Report in the Financial Times, Monday November 23: "'Economic stimulus programmes, including those in the UK, should not be withdrawn …

Multipliers then and now

Michael Burke 19/11/2009

Michael Burke: There is further evidence that fiscal stimulus works. Kevin O'Rourke has (re)posted here a very interesting piece by Barry Eichengreen …

Home truths from abroad

Michael Burke 11/11/2009

Michael Burke: It’s in the nature of a globalised economy that all economies tend to exhibit a specific combination of global trends. For a small …

Guest post by Michael Burke: Why is the rest of the world out of step with Ireland?

Michael Burke 05/11/2009

Michael Burke: Ever have one of those moments when you just know everyone else has got it wrong and you’ve got it right? When you say, I don’t …

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