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Another take on Exchequer returns

An tSaoi 10/08/2009

An Saoi: The tax figures for July were published last Wednesday, slightly delayed by the Holiday weekend. This month, however, there were no …

Where have all the people gone?

An tSaoi 26/07/2009

An Saoi: Bus journeys in Dublin have become pleasant again. There is nearly always a seat and while there may have been a reduction in the number of …

Cutting Off your Nose to Spite Your Face – Mc Carthy and the Revenue

An tSaoi 24/07/2009

An Saoi: The Revenue Commissioners get off lightly in McCarthy’s Report. It is suggested that savings of around €26M could be made. However as …

2009 Tax Profile: already optimistic

An tSaoi 02/05/2009

An Saoi: The Dept of Finance has finally published its Tax Profile for 2009. The expected tax yield is €34,400M. However this figure already …

Analysing credit

An tSaoi 18/04/2009

An Saoi: Let us assume that the Irish economy will decline by more than 10% in 2009 and that the consumer price index will also fall by around 7%. …

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