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Publishing tax returns, Norwegian style

An tSaoi 24/10/2009

An Saoi: Thanks to this article on the BBC’s website, I have wasted hours of my own and my employer’s time looking at the tax returns of the rich …

Tax outturn: you read it first here

An tSaoi 19/10/2009

An Saoi: The Sunday Business Post’s front page tells us that the Government are expecting tax to be nearly €3,000M short in the current year. …

Why not cut passive income?

An tSaoi 08/10/2009

An Saoi: This morning, listening to Morning Ireland, I was struck by Cathal MacCoille’s interview with Bobby Kerr, the founder of the Insomnia …

Deconstructing public sector pay cuts

Michael Taft, An tSaoi 05/10/2009

An Saoi and Michael Taft: There is a fundamental misconception about the fiscal impact of public expenditure cuts. It is assumed that a reduction in …

Exchequer returns: fairy godmothers desert Lenihan

An tSaoi 03/10/2009

An Saoi: September has come and gone, and the trees outside my window will shortly be as bare as the State’s coffers. Grey clouds mass from the …

NAMA, the Commission on Taxation and rent reviews: the rogue's guide to Irish finance

An tSaoi 28/09/2009

An Saoi: I have refrained from making any comment on the Commission on Taxation Report to date, mainly because of its lack of any new content and …

Those CSO migration figures: A health warning

An tSaoi 26/09/2009

An Saoi: Our friends in the CSO have given us at long last their estimates of migration in the year to April last. The figures reflect the return of …

A demographic take

An tSaoi 16/09/2009

An Saoi: Accurate and current information is crucial to giving an up to date view of what is really going on in the Irish economy. The Commission for …

Brian Lenihan's fairy godmothers

An tSaoi 02/09/2009

An Saoi: The tax returns for August throw up a few surprises, with the main shock coming from Corporation Tax. Instead of the budgeted €226M net …

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