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The principle of fair reciprocity can inform taxation in an ecosocial future

Mary Murphy 03/04/2023

This blog was first drafted as the authors speaking notes for a forum ‘The Fiscal Social Contract: How Taxation can be Applied as a Tool for Social Good in Irish Society’, February 20, 2023 Royal Irish Academy.   Organisers of a Royal Irish Academy forum on taxation policy recently reflected how, ‘in the face of permacrises, there is an …

Gender Impacts of Covid-19

Mary Murphy 14/07/2020

  The C-19 pandemic has tracked existing social and economic fault lines. It thrives and lays bare existing inequalities and has been …

Male breadwinner activation, wifely labour and the Irish patriarchy

Mary Murphy 23/05/2018

  Writing in the week of the referendum to repeal the 8thReferendum, the cervical check debacle and the shocking violent deaths of two women it …

'Principle of revenue neutrality' proves Government's lack of vision

Mary Murphy 11/09/2009

Mary Murphy: The average percentage of GDP spent on social protection in the EU-15 is 27.5% (Eurostat, 2007) . The Irish rate of 18.2% compares badly …

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