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Dr Gerry Mitchell is a social researcher, writer and political activist. With degrees from Cambridge and LSE, she was a PhD Associate at LSE's Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion and a Research Officer in its Department of Social Policy. Gerry’s research has focused on inequality (she was a contributor to and editor of the FEPS-TASC's report Inequality and the top 10% in Europe); the delivery of welfare to work and working tax credit programmes and the impact on those using them. Her policy experience includes working with Compass; the Houses of Parliament; the New South Wales Government Department of Training and Education and in frontline roles with disabled and long-term unemployed people; children in mainstream and special needs settings and in the NHS. Gerry is an active member of the Labour Party and stood as Parliamentary Candidate for Woking, Surrey in the 2019 General Election. 

Getting the Future Back

Gerry Mitchell 17/10/2023

Source: @Vuelio   The narrow constraints that the Labour party has set itself were present at every fringe event at this year’s conference and the effect, like the hot rooms we sat in, was stifling.  In hushed tones, attendees spoke of the disciplined political messaging. They reassured each other that what was presented was surely the …

Is an EU-Wide approach to the mental health crisis necessary?

Gerry Mitchell 29/03/2023

Mental health services are characterised by under-investment, a focus on hospital treatments and a lack of primary and community services; workforce …

Should progressive politics focus on high-income earners?

Marcos González Hernando, Gerry Mitchell 19/10/2020

Speaking at a recent TASC event, Ged Nash, Labour’s frontbench spokesperson on finance, public expenditure and reform, urged progressives to use …

Build Back Better or Back to Business as usual?

Gerry Mitchell 30/06/2020

Build Back Better Guiding Principles Originating in the aftermath of the 2004 Asian tsunami, ‘Build Back Better’ has been a United Nations …

Insecurity at the top can create security for all

Gerry Mitchell 21/05/2020

This blog about the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)-funded project, Inequality & the Top 10% Per Cent in Europe, first …

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