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Maria (Marysia) Pachowicz is TASC's Junior Researcher on Health. They have a B.A. in Psychology & Mathematics and an M.Sc. in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. They have conducted research on body image and disordered eating among sexual minority women for their undergraduate thesis, and on the experiences of accessing mental healthcare among people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder for their Masters thesis. They are a member of the “Sharing the Vision: A Mental Health Policy for Everyone” Reference Group of Service Users and Family Members, where they advise the Department of Health on the implementation of mental health policy, ensuring that the voice of the service user is at the centre of all decisions. They also sit on the Health Research Board Expert Group tasked with producing Ireland’s first National Mental Health Research Strategy. Aside from this, they have experience of working in disability services, as well as extensive experience in activism, particularly in relation to LGBTQ+ rights in Ireland and abroad.

“The Most Important Election Since 1989”

Maria (Marysia) Pachowicz 06/11/2023

On the 15th of October 2023, a record-breaking number of Polish citizens both in Poland and abroad took to polling stations to cast their vote in what would turn out to be a pivotal general election. At 74.4%, the election saw the highest turnout ever recorded. Outside of Poland, approximately 608,000 people registered to vote across 417 polling …

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