Category: Democratic accountability

Transparency in practice

Paul Sweeney 06/05/2009

Paul Sweeney: Openness and transparency is all the rage…. in theory. But on some places it is being practiced. Under the new administration in the …

'We've screwed up - that's the truth'

Slí Eile 04/05/2009

Sli Eile: ‘We’ve screwed up – that’s the truth’ – so writes Professor Ray Kinsella of the UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School in the …

Who is Lawrence Summers?

David Jacobson 10/04/2009

David Jacobson: A New York Times article on 3rd April reveals that Lawrence H. Summers, top economic advisor to Obama, earned millions of dollars …

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Kirsty Doyle

Kirsty Doyle is a Researcher at TASC, working in the area of health inequalities. She is …

Robert Sweeney

Robert Sweeney is a policy analyst at TASC and focuses on issues surrounding Irish …

Shana Cohen

Dr. Shana Cohen is the Director of TASC. She studied at Princeton University and at the …