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David Jacobson is Emeritus Professor of Economics at Dublin City University Business School. He is the Chair of Commission on Industrial Policy in TASC since 2011. He has written and lectured on various aspects of industrial policy and political economy in Ireland. In the 1990s he was an independent member of the National Economic and Social Council. He has also worked in many other countries, most recently Cyprus and China.

Diverse Thinking and Coalition Government

David Jacobson 18/08/2020

In her article in yesterday’s Irish Times, Shana Cohen extols the virtue of diverse thinking, especially for “devising solutions to difficult and complex issues”. She writes of the delay in introducing lockdown in response to the pandemic in Texas as an example of where slavish compliance with central Republican policy was inappropriate. …

Ireland needs to upset the Apple cart on corporate tax

David Jacobson 26/10/2018

Ireland has been subject to a great deal of international criticism about its corporate tax regime. While Irish people might feel defensive about …

Researching Ireland and the MNEs

David Jacobson 08/02/2017

The recent announcement that HP Inc is to shed almost 500 jobs as it closes its global print usiness in Kildare is a stark reminder of the role that …

The Effective Corporate Tax Rate, Again

David Jacobson 26/07/2016

Prof David Jacobson: I'm glad to see that even though Stephen Donnelly TD got most of the limelight, our Progressive Economy colleague, Jim Stewart, …

Neither Boston nor Berlin?

David Jacobson 22/12/2015

David Jacobsen: The main front page article in last week’s (20/12/2015) Sunday Business Post begins with Enda Kenny’s promise “to cut tax bills …

Critique of Knowledge Development Box

Jim Stewart, David Jacobson 02/06/2015

David Jacobson and Jim Stewart: The idea of the Knowledge Development Box (KDB) is to provide tax incentives to firms to locate their R&D …

Innovation value for money

David Jacobson 22/06/2012

David Jacobson: In yesterday’s Irish Times (Business and Technology supplement) there is a good-news story about Science Foundation Ireland’s …

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