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Draft heads of Personal Insolvency Bill out today- at long last!

Marie Sherlock 25/01/2012

Marie Sherlock: The long awaited heads of the Draft Personal Insolvency Bill was published today and at first glance, there is much to welcome. For …

The Promissory Notes

Tom McDonnell 25/01/2012

Tom McDonnell: The IBRC promissory notes have attracted a lot of attention in recent days. Karl Whelan, Seamus Coffey, the

The Debt Trap

Sinéad Pentony 25/01/2012

Sinéad Pentony: The dust has hardly settled from the Troika’s departure when we are facing the repayment of €1.25 billion in unsecured bonds …

Will Ireland Need a Second Bail Out?

Tom McDonnell 20/01/2012

Tom McDonnell: Willem Buiter of CitiGroup and formerly of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee reckons that Ireland should negotiate a …

Time for Plan B

Nat O'Connor 20/01/2012

Nat O'Connor: Austerity policies are not working. I was one of 59 signatories of a letter in today's Irish Times calling for Plan B. Plan B must …

The data being sent to IMF and EU bodies should be public

Nat O'Connor 10/01/2012

Nat O'Connor: The latest IMF report on Ireland has an important annex: Annex 1. Provision of data (pages 81-82), which gives a list of "indicators …

IBRC Restructuring Plan

Tom McDonnell 09/01/2012

Tom McDonnell: The has obtained a restructuring plan 2011-2020 for the IBRC (Anglo/INBS). The plan was submitted to the European Commission …

Irish Bonds Tempt Buyers Again After Banks Blow Up: Euro Credit

Sheila Killian 09/01/2012

Sheila Killian: There’s an interesting article on Bloomberg, by Dara Doyle and Cormac Mullen. Interesting, that is, in the Confucian sense of …

Euro lacks a government banker, not a lender of last resort


This article by Thomas Palley, of the New America Foundation's Economic Growth Programme, was published in the FT Economists' Forum on December 9th …

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