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How much is the taxpayer on the hook for?

Michael Burke 05/04/2011

Michael Burke: Frightening people into submission is a fairly easy trick. One tactic is to frighten them with an outlandish demand – then soften …

Coffey on the banking cost

Tom McDonnell 04/04/2011

Tom McDonnell: Seamus Coffey has put together a very lucid post over at Economic Incentives estimating the actual scale of the banking cost. This …

Affordable, manageable and sustainable

Michael Taft 04/04/2011

Michael Taft: Some commentary has suggested that Black Thursday wasn’t all that bad; in particular the bail-out won’t add much to our general …

Banking on a new deal

Slí Eile 03/04/2011

Slí Eile: Banking is at the heart of the economy. It should serve two core social needs: - A place of security for those who deposit savings - A …

The Roubini verdict on the recapitalisations

Tom McDonnell 01/04/2011

Tom McDonnell: Credibility is a hard earned thing. The commentariat is overrun with the views of so-called experts whose predictions have …

Debt-equity swap for banks won't work

Michael Burke 21/03/2011

Michael Burke: The sheer size of the bank debts being assumed by the State has led to a flurry of alternative proposals which might diminish the …

Will the bank stress tests be tough enough?


UL's Stephen Kinsella puts stress tests under the microscope over on the Guardian's business blog here.

The people have spoken - but what did they say?

Michael Burke 15/03/2011

Michael Burke: The first clear message of the 2011 election was a rejection of Fianna Fáil, receiving just 17.4% of the first preference vote – …

Munchau’s purgatory between bailout and default

Tom McDonnell 14/03/2011

Tom McDonnell: Weak measures to report from Part 1 of the big European double header last weekend: see here and here. The unfortunate unwillingness …

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