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Profits and austerity

Michael Burke 25/10/2011

Michael Burke: In all the discussion of the economy and the crisis, one word is hardly ever mentioned - profits. This piece looks at the level of profits in one of the crisis-hit countries - Ireland. With domestic activity still contracting and a stubbornly high deficit, maybe the Dublin government remains the poster boy for austerity because …

Prices and profiteering in the food sector

Michael Taft 30/06/2010

Michael Taft: There will be many attempts to explain the high costs of food and beverages in Ireland – a state of affairs that is hardly new. …

‘Ireland now needs to generate an internal devaluation, with prices and wages falling’

Slí Eile 25/01/2010

Slí Eile: So runs the recent ESRI Quarterly Economic Commentary (page 50). A lot of the debate on competition and competitiveness is narrowly …

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Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney is former Chief Economist of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He was a …

Robert Sweeney

Robert Sweeney is a policy analyst at TASC and focuses on issues surrounding Irish …

Sean McCabe

Sean holds an B.Sc in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and an M.Sc. in …