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Why Irish debt is cut to junk status

Michael Burke 13/07/2011

Michael Burke: Moody’s is the first of the credit ratings agencies to cut Irish government debt to below investment grade – the sovereign debt is now ‘junk’. It will be recalled that when the ‘austerity’ programme was introduced- in reality a project to drive down wages and the social wage in order to revive profits- a key …

(II) What is the likely outcome of the Greek Crisis?

Jim Stewart 09/05/2010

Jim Stewart: Some likely outcomes can be anticipated from a recent speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel:- (1) There will be new rules and …

NAMA: Gamble of the Century

Slí Eile 17/09/2009

Slí Eile: Its now N-Day plus one. So, what do we know now that we didn’t know last Tuesday? And what would people outside this island say about …

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