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The Crucial Role of Enterprise Policy

Sean Ó Riain 19/06/2018

This past week has brought new controversies about Ireland’s status as a ‘tax haven’, following new research from researchers at the University of California Berkeley and the University of Copenhagen that shows Ireland with one of the highest global ratios of corporate profits to wages, particularly among US corporations. The analysis in …

State Investment Bank

Sean Ó Riain 31/10/2011

Sean O Riain: Michael O’Sullivan and I have an article in today’s Irish Times arguing for a state investment bank. Some links to supporting …

Ireland after NAMA - New Blog

Sean Ó Riain 02/12/2009

Sean O Riain: There is a new and interesting blog written mainly, but not exclusively, by geographers at For a …

Class and Employment Decline

Sean Ó Riain 30/06/2009

Sean O Riain: It is worth taking a closer look at the Quarterly National Household Survey results from last week. The difference between the public …

Banking Reform

Sean Ó Riain 29/05/2009

Sean O Riain: Once we have banks that have been re-capitalised and apparently stable once more, where does our financial system go? In negative …

Stimulus for Development

Sean Ó Riain 30/03/2009

Sean O Riain: Commentators across the spectrum have worried that the April budget will tax and cut so much money out of the economy that we will face …

Socio-economic dimensions of the worsening employment picture

Sean Ó Riain 03/03/2009

Sean O Riain: There is a helpful post over at by Brendan Walsh outlining the worsening employment picture as reflected in the latest …

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