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Seán Fearon

Seán Fearon is a PhD Candidate at Queens University Belfast where he conducts research on Just Transition

‘Degrowth’ in the North of Ireland – what is it, and why do we need it?

Seán Fearon 24/11/2020

What is ‘degrowth’? The language of economic growth is the language most of us use to speak about and understand our economy. A ‘growing’ economy is good. Recessions are bad, associated with job losses, hardships and wage cuts. However, a rising tide of research and commentary, which has its roots in years of scholarship but which is only …

Financing Just Transition in the North of Ireland

Seán Fearon 10/08/2020

Squaring the Circle - Financing the Just Transition in the north of IrelandA significant but narrowing gap in the Irish just transition literature is …

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