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James Wickham was Jean Monnet Professor of European Labour Market Studies and Professor in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. He has published widely on employment, transport and migration in Ireland and Europe; he is the author of Gridlock: Dublin’s Transport Crisis and the Future of the City and co-author of New Mobilities in Europe: Polish Migration to Ireland post-2004.  His book Unequal Europe: Social divisions and social cohesion in an old continent analysed the collapse of the European Social Model; his new text book European Societies (Routledge 2020) examines the structures of inequality in contemporary Europe.  He is a former director of TASC. 

Lasting legacy of Sir Tony Atkinson, pioneer in economic inequality research

James Wickham 05/01/2017

The death has been announced of Sir Anthony (‘Tony’) Atkinson. For us at TASC Professor Atkinson was one of the most significant contemporary …

The difference a welfare state makes

James Wickham 13/10/2016

James Wickham: Two charts that tell very different stories about inequality in Ireland today… Both charts show the Gini coefficient of income …

London on the Liffey? Some impacts of the relocation of financial services jobs to Dublin

James Wickham 21/08/2016

James Wickham: Post-Brexit it is widely believed that Ireland will benefit from the relocation of some financial services employment from London to …

From self-harm to social Europe?

James Wickham 11/07/2016

James Wickham: When in the 1960s the poor of the US ghettos rioted for the first time, they burnt down the areas in which they lived. When the …

Better off without them?

James Wickham 24/06/2016

James Wickham: The founding fathers of the European Union believed that economics determined politics. They have been proved wrong. What will happen …

Giving Ireland - and Europe - some backbone

James Wickham 14/06/2016

James Wickham: A progressive Europe requires putting the state back in. And ‘the state’ means both the national member states and the European …

Reducing inheritance tax: populism and financialisation

James Wickham 16/05/2016

James Wickham: Last week one of the first proposals of the new government was to raise the threshold for inheritance tax. This is one of those …

Rebuilding Ireland: It’s time to end bogus self-employment in the construction industry

James Wickham 17/04/2016

James Wickham: As far as the tax system is concerned, many workers on Irish building sites are not workers at all. Instead of getting wages for doing …

The price of car dependency

James Wickham 08/03/2016

James Wickham: Three almost random stories about Dublin’s transport disaster. The first two show what happens if there is little investment in …

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