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James Wickham was Jean Monnet Professor of European Labour Market Studies and Professor in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. He has published widely on employment, transport and migration in Ireland and Europe; he is the author of Gridlock: Dublin’s Transport Crisis and the Future of the City and co-author of New Mobilities in Europe: Polish Migration to Ireland post-2004.  His book Unequal Europe: Social divisions and social cohesion in an old continent analysed the collapse of the European Social Model; his new text book European Societies (Routledge 2020) examines the structures of inequality in contemporary Europe.  He is a former director of TASC. 

Buses are not widgets

James Wickham 17/11/2009

James Wickham: In a recent article in the Irish Times (29/10/2009) Sean Barrett criticised the new Public Transport Regulation Bill. He claimed it …

Scaring us into greater inequality

James Wickham 09/11/2009

James Wickham: In a recent article in the Irish Times (4 November) Philip Lane warned that higher levels of income taxation could restrict Ireland's …

Why (Irish) economists' eyes are smiling

James Wickham 07/10/2009

James Wickham: There’s a curious paradox about economists in Ireland today. In the middle of the financial crisis, the public standing of …

The Ryanair Model of Development?

James Wickham 05/05/2009

James Wickham: Ryanair is an Irish success story. Ryanair’s high profile CEO, Michael O’Leary, is one of the country’s home grown billionaires. …

Growing up about taxes

James Wickham 14/04/2009

James Wickham: Maybe it’s time to grow up about taxes. One feature of the Celtic Tiger years was the way in which Ireland’s role as a low tax …

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