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James Wickham was Jean Monnet Professor of European Labour Market Studies and Professor in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. He has published widely on employment, transport and migration in Ireland and Europe; he is the author of Gridlock: Dublin’s Transport Crisis and the Future of the City and co-author of New Mobilities in Europe: Polish Migration to Ireland post-2004. He has a BSc in sociology from the LSE and a PhD from the University of Sussex. His new book Unequal Europe: Social divisions and social cohesion in an old continent (Routledge 2016) analyses the collapse of the European Social Model. He is Director of TASC.

Housing shortage – whatever happened to the workers?

James Wickham 09/04/2017

There’s a lot of building to do: Ireland needs a housing building programme, a renewal of infrastructure, investment in public transport especially in Dublin. Meanwhile, office construction is already growing (count all those cranes). It’s hardly surprising that firms are trying to persuade emigrants to come back home. Who’s going to do the …

The modern company: too important to be left to the shareholders alone?

James Wickham 15/02/2017

Is there only one way to run a company? If any group of people get together for a common economic activity, must they organise themselves as if they …

Is Ireland Getting More Equal?

James Wickham 12/02/2017

Latest CSO figures... On February 1st the CSO released the latest Irish results of the EU-SILC (European Union Survey on Income and Living …

What have Idi Amin, Erich Honecker and Theresa May in common?

James Wickham 23/01/2017

Welcome to the biggest loss of citizenship rights in recent European history... Brexit is about taking away citizenship rights from millions of …

TASC in 2017

James Wickham 09/01/2017

Welcome to 2017 and a brief guide to our most important activities in this new year.The analysis of economic inequality in Ireland remains the centre …

Lasting legacy of Sir Tony Atkinson, pioneer in economic inequality research

James Wickham 05/01/2017

The death has been announced of Sir Anthony (‘Tony’) Atkinson. For us at TASC Professor Atkinson was one of the most significant contemporary …

The difference a welfare state makes

James Wickham 13/10/2016

James Wickham: Two charts that tell very different stories about inequality in Ireland today… Both charts show the Gini coefficient of income …

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