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Marcos González Hernando holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge and is Senior Researcher at FEPS-TASC. He is interested in the political sociology of knowledge production, economic debates, the history of the social sciences, and the relationship between experts, elites, and inequality. In 2019 he published his book British think tanks after the 2008 global financial crisis and in 2020 he helped coordinate FEPS-TASC's report Inequality and the top 10% in Europe.

Should progressive politics focus on high-income earners?

Marcos González Hernando, Gerry Mitchell 19/10/2020

Speaking at a recent TASC event, Ged Nash, Labour’s frontbench spokesperson on finance, public expenditure and reform, urged progressives to use the flection point created by the pandemic to find their voices.  In this blog, Marcos Gonzalez Hernando and Gerry Mitchell outline why progressive politics should focus on the top 10% of income …

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