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David Jacobson is Emeritus Professor of Economics at Dublin City University Business School. He is the Chair of Commission on Industrial Policy in TASC since 2011. He has written and lectured on various aspects of industrial policy and political economy in Ireland. In the 1990s he was an independent member of the National Economic and Social Council. He has also worked in many other countries, most recently Cyprus and China.

A taxing fable

David Jacobson 14/02/2012

David Jacobson: In Monday’s Irish Times business editor John McManus speculated about why there had not been more response from disgruntled, …

Integrating innovation drivers

David Jacobson 19/04/2011

David Jacobson: I have been banging on in a number of blogs over the years on the importance of innovation policy, and in particular on the …

Innovation, rather than high-tech, is key

David Jacobson 25/03/2011

David Jacobson: In 1990, in a paper on MNCs in Ireland, I argued that the “completion of the single market” in 1992 would bring pressures on …

Innovation and the smart economy

David Jacobson 09/09/2009

David Jacobson: Innovation is universally accepted as extremely important for economic competitiveness. However, there is frequently confusion as to …

Report is expression of a paradox

David Jacobson 17/07/2009

David Jacobson: Rather than discuss the details of the report, I’d like to make four more general points about the situation. First, the report …

Irish Industrial Policy: Strategic Obsessions

David Jacobson 23/06/2009

David Jacobson: Since the end of the 1950s industrial policy has evolved around two main objectives, the encouragement of foreign direct investment …

Who is Lawrence Summers?

David Jacobson 10/04/2009

David Jacobson: A New York Times article on 3rd April reveals that Lawrence H. Summers, top economic advisor to Obama, earned millions of dollars …

Auditors: one of the guilty parties?

David Jacobson 18/03/2009

David Jacobson: As the crisis progresses (or should that be ‘regresses’?), analyses of its aetiology will no doubt develop in their complexity …

Demand (for solutions) will generate supply - in long term

David Jacobson 22/02/2009

David Jacobson: I can’t help wondering why the people whose theories are responsible for the current crisis continue to be listened to by those …

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