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Cormac Stauton is currently a policy advisor on EU and international policy in the Central Bank of Ireland. Prior to this, he was a policy analyst in TASC, and co-authored the first economic inequality report, Cherishing All Equally

Wealth distribution in Ireland

Cormac Staunton 08/09/2014

Cormac Staunton: New figures from the Central Bank show that the total net worth of individuals in Ireland is €508.5 billion or €110,312 per …

The Inequality Debate

Cormac Staunton 28/07/2014

Cormac Staunton: The ESRI today released a Research Note on The Distribution of Income and the Public Finances. It adds to the growing debate on …

Promoting growth and job creation through investment

Cormac Staunton 18/07/2014

Cormac Staunton: Taxes have both positive and negative effects on the economy and job creation. However, discussions of ‘tax cuts’ often focus on …

Innovation and jobs through public investment

Cormac Staunton 26/06/2014

Cormac Staunton: Ireland’s National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) has been ranked in the top 2.5 per cent of incubators; 19th worldwide and 7th in …

Want growth and jobs? First tackle inequality.

Cormac Staunton 04/06/2014

Cormac Staunton: A recent article by Ben Olinsky at the Center for American Progress brings together a number of key findings to show how greater …

Piketty and Inequality in Ireland

Cormac Staunton 08/05/2014

Cormac Staunton: Considerable attention is being given to Thomas Piketty’s influential work on economic inequality – “Capital in the 21st …

Call for an Egalitarian Europe

Cormac Staunton 25/04/2014

Cormac Staunton: The Progressive Economy Initiative has launched an interesting paper on its alternative vision for the future of Europe, including a …

Widen the band, widen the gap?

Cormac Staunton 10/04/2014

Cormac Staunton: There has been a lot of talk recently about cutting income taxes now that the Irish economy is beginning to show signs of recovery. …

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